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ViewSonic ViewPad 7 a powerful and modern tablet that offers users a lot to enjoy. It is viewed as an alternative to Samsung Galaxy tab and it comes with an impressive specification sheet. While it is not viewed as an iPad killer, it comes with a memory card and SIM that is easily accessible. It is these aspects that make it one of the most flexible and high end tablets on the market today. But what exactly is it about the ViewSonic ViewPad 7 that makes it an outstanding choice?

viewsonic viewpad 7

If the device was to be judged in accordance with its specifications, one might conclude that it is technologically polished as well as greatly advanced. This is because it is designed with 2 cameras which include front and rear facing cameras, Bluetooth support, inbuilt GPS, MicroSD slot, stereo speakers and a complete Android market access.

The ViewSonic ViewPad 7 is not without some setbacks however. For starters, the Viewpad can accept any SIM card and this means that is aimed at the type of clientele that uses a 3G network or those interested in making calls. This is way its different from other similar devices and as such, though it has been introduced in the market at a time when such devices are seen as a major investment, it does not measure to par with other models. Consequently, it leaves room for important engineering touchups.

In addition to this, lack of enough inbuilt memory however is viewed as one of the major setbacks. Most people get the tablet out of the box and connect it to a computer in the hope of transferring videos, photos and music only to realize that the transfer is not possible. This aspect also paints it in a bad light but before writing the ViewSonic ViewPad 7 off completely, it is advisable to uncover the features and what makes it tick. It has been put to the test and this ViewSonic ViewPad 7 review seeks to shed some light on the model features.

Design and Build of ViewSonic ViewPad 7

The casing for ViewSonic is designed entirely from plastic and the craftsmanship is extremely convincing. It is solid, robust and compact, making it assume the appearance of the iPhone 4. The model also has sharp edges that are slightly curved. It also sports a black thin borderline. This is found around the ViewPad’s screen. The side is slightly thick and silver. What is more, it has a black shiny back that gives it an extremely modern look. Like the iPad, it is not possible to change the battery and it is not covered either.

ViewSonic ViewPad 7 has technical specifications that are similar to Samsung Galaxy Tab and while this is the case, there are some features that set them apart. For instance, the ViewPad 7 is wider, slimmer and shorter compared to the Galaxy Tab. When held by hand, they both deliver a similar feel and users can enjoy all the functions with one hand. The tablet weighs 12.96 ounces and has dimensions of 7.06 by 4.33 by 0.45 inches. Consequently, it is as heavy as the Tab and when compared to the iPad lighter.  

The ViewPad 7 has a power button and speaker. Both are located on the tablet’s upper edge and an additional speaker located on the gadgets lower edge. On the left side, you find a microphone, headset jack, mini-USB port, and a reset key. In addition to this, it also comes with volume controls placed on the right side and cover that keeps the slots for SIM cards and MicroSD hidden.

Though it comes with a plastic and rubber cover, these cannot be used as kickstand and the several packaging features that can be used with standard wall sockets and an AC adapter. To cap it all, the ViewSonic ViewPad 7 is also accompanied by some earphones.


viewsonic display

With a 7 inch capacitive screen and a pixel resolution of 800 by 480, the display of the gadget has been defined as the best. Though this is the case, there are a couple of things that don’t add up and as such, this is seen as a setback. The screen ratio height and width do not match with the ones supported by gadgets that have the ViewPad’s resolution and as such, images tend to be horizontally elongated. This is especially visible when the ViewPad is being unlocked for the first time by dragging it around the padlock icon which is also found on the screen.

This icon is not round but rather, oval though this is not apparent. Representatives from the ViewSonic Company have addressed consumers in regard to this topic and they argue that changes cannot be made on the basis of users who have a problem with the feature. The image elongation however is not a major problem and as such, users are likely to get used to the same over time. Because of the resolution and the technology used in manufacturing of the screen, the ViewPad 7 does not deliver sharp images. Despite this fact, the colors of the ViewPad 7 are bright, vivacious and they also present a timely and precise display.

The multi-touch feature that is part of the tablet is solid and when zooming in on websites and images, it is easy to get the appropriate zoom. In addition it supports browsing at accelerated speeds. Unfortunately, it is not as precise and would come in handy if the speed was higher and one capable of scrolling websites in larger portions.

It also comes with touch sensitive keys located alongside the screen's bottom. This is on the black rim a design that is standard with Android OS. However, it is the unusual l hat ViewSonic used markings that are nonstandard and with some odd formation. It is precisely because of this fact that it takes a while for anyone to get used to the keys and select the desired ones.


The ViewSonic boasts of a 600 MHz processor accompanied by a MSM7227 Qualcomm chipset and this does nothing to improve the tablets speed and especially when compared to the GHz processor of the Galaxy Tab. Despite this fact, users will find that the tablet functions remarkably well with the ViewPad 7. Multimedia files and other applications can be activated swiftly and this only serves to increase the appeal of the tablet.

In terms of performance, zooming is slow and especially on websites that are complex. For this reason, it is not possible to view Flash elements and because of this reason, ViewSonic has bypassed Adobe technology. This is seen as a major setback because most users are used to OS Google tablets that have Flash support and this tablet is lacking in this very important feature.

The processor is also designed with a built-in memory that is rather small amounting to 512 MB. Consequently, this means that for users to enjoy the tablet more, they need to expand the memory by using Micro SD cards. This fact is emphasized when using the tablets rear facing camera. The megapixel is considerably low at 3.2 and while this is the case, the memory runs out fast and this is also viewed as a setback by users. Consequently, this means that pictures captured with the rear facing camera are of low quality. They have colors that are unrealistic and cold and what is more, they don’t carry enough sharpness when compared to other tablets in the same league.

User Interface

The user interface of ViewSonic ViewPad 7 is worth noting and this is because it is entirely comprised of 2.2 OS Android. It is this aspect that has made it tablet suitable and users find it attractive. Desktop icons are ideally set and not too close to the screen and what is more, the icon palette can be expanded. The 7 inch screen is necessary and increases the ease with which users enjoy the functions of the tablet.

The ViewPad is used while in landscape position except when browsing or using other applications. This fact is viewed differently by people with some seeing it as a setback while others view it as an additional benefit. The dimensions of the tablet are also commendable because they make it possible to hold it with one hand.

The tablets screen board is also impressive and this is attributed to a couple of factors. For starters, it has letters that are rather big and this ensures that mistakes are avoided by the user. It is this aspect that makes it an endearing tablet among first time users because they don’t have to struggle in order to learn how to use the tablet. The touch response is also excellent and consequently, this has turned out to be the best user interface.


Regardless of the fact that ViewPad 7 has a couple of flaws, users find it attractive and appealing because the communication options are pretty attractive. It comes with 3G support that is entirely functional, Bluetooth connectivity and WiFi. These aspects guarantee that users can access the internet at any given time regardless of their location. What is more, it is easy to make calls by using the tablets headset, Speakerphone or Bluetooth. All these aspects are pretty reliable and they deliver high quality sound for the caller and the recipient. Considering it is an exceptionally large model, the ViewSonic ViewPad 7 functions extremely well and as such, an endearing choice among many users.

Surprisingly, the GPS also delivers high quality regardless of the fact that it uses a lot of energy when compared to other technologies that rely on antennas. In connection to this, the GPS can be turned off and the Wi-Fi and 3G antenna engaged. When this happens, the ViewPad 7 functions for four or four hours without requiring a battery charge. The only shame is the fact that it is not possible to change the models battery and with time, it might fail to function in the appropriate manner.


In a nutshell, the pros of the ViewSonic ViewPad 7 include the following.

  • It comes with a convincing and solid performance.
  • It has a responsive display that is complimented by quality multi-touch capabilities.
  • It offers connectivity that is excellent and the SIM card call quality is also superb.
  • The casing is perfect simply because it is solid and gives the tablet a great look.
  • It has a superb design that makes the ViewPad 7 impressive and attractive.



ViewPad 7 is not without its own set of setbacks and some of these include the following.

  • On-screen imaging is poor.
  • While it has many applications, it is necessary to carry out landscape orientation
  • The rear-rear facing camera is of low quality.
  • It does not support flash nor does it have an inbuilt memory that is sufficient.



In theory, ViewSonic Viewpad 7 has a lot to offer because it is a powerful and modern tablet despite the mobile operator selected. However, in practice, it has several shortcomings that almost dwarf the positives and this is why consumers ought to be careful once they settle on purchasing it. The specifications are enticing and as such, they also end up being misleading. This is largely because they do not mention some of the setbacks such as the Flash support lack and low quality screen imaging among others. Yet, these aspects are important for the purpose of increasing the ease with which you use the tablet. However, the ViewPad 7 has strong attributes as well such as the data transfer capabilities and the ease with which you can make calls even when on the move.

The bottom line therefore is the fact that the ViewSonic ViewPad 7 is an ideal investment when one understands the features and what they are buying into. Some of the difference noted between the ViewPad 7 and other models in its group can be bridged by software updates and while this is the case, it is ideal to note that most of these defects are in the hardware. Consequently, if you choose to buy the ViewSonic ViewPad 7, you must be willing to make some sacrifices on certain features.

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July 19, 2012 - 08:05
Subject: Viewsonic vpad7 review

It is very possible to change the Vpad7 battery, the battery is removable. All you need to do is to open the back cover, have your replacement battery ready, remove the former and replace. Thank you

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