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When compared to its competitors, the TXTr eBook reader has undoubtedly entered the market as one of the simplest eReaders. The device boasts of a 6 inch display and for this reason, it comes in handy because it can be carried along with to different places with much ease. TXTr eBook reader also comes with an e-ink display. As far as quality goes, there is no question that this e-Reader surpasses users’ expectations. What is more, the lighting and the font sizes can also be adjusted. This aspect makes it easy to customize the gadget’s display thus ensuring that it is to your liking.  

txtr ebook reader

The memory of the reader is upgradable thanks to the availability of a microSD card slot. The convenience of downloading ebooks is further enhanced by the availability of Wi-Fi connectivity which is functional even during long trips. In essence, this eBook reader is the first of its kind from the German manufacturer and amazingly, the popularity of the device has increased at a rapid pace. This has been attributed to additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity which makes sharing of ebooks easily. The physical buttons as well as the style is in a manner that guarantees ease of operation using one hand.

One of the most unique features about the TXTr eBook is the manner in which the format gets adjusted in accordance to how it’s held. Normally, it should be held vertically but when turned sideways, the format shifts to a landscape mode which is preferable among most users.  While the TXTr eBook sounds great, the question in the mind of most users is what makes it unique. Why should anyone choose to invest in this and not any other e-Reader? To find out, carry on reading this TXTr eBook reader review.


There is no question that the features incorporated into the TXTr eBook are by large, what increase the appeal of the gadget. Some of these features are as highlighted below.

  • 6 inch e-ink display: Thanks to this screen, reading using the eBook reader is easy. Like other e-readers currently available in the market, this comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. This means that readers can easily access different online book resources. This coupled with the fact that the gadget is designed for single hand operation makes it one of the best gadgets currently available in the market.
  • GPRS/3G connection: Users are also free to enjoy GPRS/3G connection. Because of this feature, the gadget is seen as one of the best communication gadgets though its primary function is to act that of an e-Reader.
  • VLAN: This is yet another additional feature that accompanies this eBook reader and it is this touch that gives it a distinctive touch that cannot be matched by other gadgets on the market. With this feature, it is possible for users to set up a virtual LAN between the ebooks and documents they share with each other.
  • 3D accelerometer: This is yet another feature that has been incorporated in the TXTr eBook reader. It is also unique. In this regard, the orientation of the gadget through the reader is detected automatically and it makes it possible for the landscape to change accordingly from portrait to landscape. In essence, a simple twirl of the fingers holding the gadget is enough to trigger the orientation display.

Considering these features, it is easy to conclude that this gadget has embraced openness. This is backed up by the fact that it operates using open source software and also offers support to programs developed by third parties such as HTML, ePub formats, Office and PDF. Where it has shortcomings, the developers are working on them in order to ensure that they are rectified. In essence, since it was released in the market, it has gone through a couple of developments to meet the standards and expectations of its users.


txtr ebook reader design

The design of TXTr eBook reader is impressive to say the least and this is witnessed by the clean cut design. The reader is appealing to the eyes and easy to use with the control buttons located on the left part of the display. The battery is also enclosed and covered with an attractive lead that further enhances the appeal of the gadget. It has all the whistles and bells of a quality reader. It features an inbuilt dictionary and depth search capabilities and while it does not have text speech as other readers, it makes up for this in other ways.  
In connection to this, the minute you hold the reader, you get the feeling that the physical buttons as well as the style are designed with the primary thought of easy operation. This is something that cannot be said of all the eBook readers on the market and consequently, it also endears the reader to other consumers across the globe.


In order to better understand TXTr eBook reader, it is important to look at the connecting features and what makes it tick. It comes with a wired 2.0 USB connection, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi as well as optional mobile broadband 3G/GPRS internet access. In this case, it is unlike its competitor, Kindle the internet access offered does not come free with the TXTr. As such, users have to get the connection at a certain fee which is payable per month. When it was first introduced in the market, this connection was in Germany only but the manufacturers had plans to expand it to Austria and Switzerland.  
For the purpose of ensuring that users get the most out of this, it is ideal to note that it is integrated with an eBook store that belongs to the TXTr Company as well and the books at the time of the launch were in German and English. When it was first launched, it had 20,000 titles and this was considered a considerably small number. Users can however access the store with ease and this is because connection is free. However, those who choose to access other internet sites get charged an extra amount.
Users of the TXTr are however free to buy their favorite books comfortably and also synchronize private documents. In essence, what this eBook reader offers users is a mobile technique of storing, exchanging digital documents and storing eBook for readers.  


Some of the specifications associated with TXTr eBook reader include the following.

  • Display of 600 by 800 pixels
  • Measures 151mm by 131mm by 12, 300g
  • It comes with a free scale of ARM11 and a CPU 532 MHz
  • SDRAM on-board 128 MB
  • Li-Ion battery that can be charged via USB
  • 3D integrated accelerometer which serves the purpose of automatic detection orientation

Thanks to the eInk display, the TXTr eBook reader is able to optimize on power management and this aspect ensures that there is no need of recharging the battery frequently. Consequently, this means that people who are always traveling long distances can enjoy numerous benefits from simply owning the TXTr.  In essence, considering the long lasting Li-Ion battery that is USB charged, the eBook reader can last for two weeks with a fully charged cycle. In order to continue enjoying the benefits of the reader however, you should remember to charge it after every two weeks.

How it Features Compared to Competitors


TXTr eBook Reader Vs Kindle- US, Europe, Germany


  • 3G GPRS/EDGE. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • You get connected to the TXTr store through TXTr net. Downloads and navigation is also free.
  • In order to synchronize the Reader with the TXTr platform one must be willing to pay an additional cost. The average amount paid varies in accordance to the contract length.


  • Connection is through AT& T or alternatively 3G in accordance to the Kindle bought.
  • The Kindle store can be browsed wirelessly and the books downloaded wirelessly as well.
  • The internet is free.
  • Synchronization of books is free.

Openness and Applications

TXTr eBook reader has a higher level of openness compared to kindle. When it is compared to competitors, it offers an open platform for developers and especially in SDK form. In this regard, some of the ways through which TXTr embraces this concept include the following.

  • It allows applications from 3rd party developers and this increases the chances of getting more Apps for users.
  • It offers open formats that support PowerPoint, PDF, Office 2007, Word and ePub.
  • It comes with an online txtr.com platform that makes it easy for users to publish their own books and texts.

TXTr Vs Kindle in the US

In the US market, Kindle manages to beat TXTr easily. This is because it comes at a low price, offers more books and features compared to TXTr. While it is true that TXTr offers Wi-Fi which is seen as a unique feature and other benefits such as openness, ePub support and office, it does not match up to the proposition value made by Kindle.

TXTr eBook Reader Vs Kindle in Europe, Germany

While the US provides a market that is not so receptive for Kindle than TXTr, readers in Europe and Germany have a different view and approach thus making the comparison different.

Advantages of Kindle in Germany, Europe

  • The price of Kindle after shipping and custom duties is still lower compared to that of TXTr.
  • With 290K titles, Kindle offers a wide range of books and this is especially true when compared to TXTr eBook’s 20K titles.
  • Has unique features like WhisperSync and another like Read To Me.


The grey areas noted in Kindle are tied to the TXTr in one way or another and these include the following.

  • Communication TXTr to TXTr feature has a great impact in the market.
  • The online TXTr platform delivers a lot to the table not found in Kindle.
  • The probability that more Apps will be created for TXTr increases its appeal among users in the region.
  • TXTr allows free roaming in Europe and as such, seen as a major advantage for TXTr.

More importantly, since TXTr is open to developers, it is also expected that more features will be added to it and consequently, this makes it an appealing choice over Kindle.

Advantages of TXTr in Germany, Europe

  • It is a Germany centric and as such, will make it easy for readers to get books in Italian, French and German.
  • The Wi-Fi connection is seen as a major advantage to the German market.
  • The formats are also seen as a major plus.

In essence, the Wi-Fi and format support are seen as the best features of the TXTr eBook reader. In conclusion it is safe to say that while Kindle might have a slight lead in the Europe and German market, TXTr eBook reader is threatening to take over. When the TXTr Application platform takes off completely, it is expected that TXTr will continue to stay ahead of Kindle.

TXTr Pro's and Con's

Most people wonder how the TXTr eBook reader fairs among other household names. This is especially true considering that it is highly priced and yet, there are other readers which have been in the market longer.  Most of the eBook readers that come with Wi-Fi connection are highly priced and since this came in at a cost of $ 400, it is considered a good bargain. When you look at the features incorporated in the gadget and the difference noted in the German and US markets, it is safe to conclude that the price of TXTr eBook is worth the entire package.


Considering the features of TXTr eBook Reader, it is safe to conclude that it offers users several benefits. Some of these are as highlighted below though they are not limited to the same.

  • It comes with great connectivity that makes it easy for users to access and download books at their own convenience and regardless of where they might be.
  • Users are able to store, shop, read and at the same time, publish different types of content thanks to the eBook.
  • Users are able to share opinions and books with one another with great ease.
  • It has a user friendly interface thanks to the screen resolution.
  • Due to the 3D accelerometer, it is easy for the reader to detect changes in the position of the reader and adopt a landscape that meets the change.
  • Due to its weight, you can use one hand to handle the reader making it convenient and especially for people who are always on the move.
  • It has enough memory to hold up to 6000 books.
  • It ships with a generous storage capacity in the form of 8GB microSD card as part of the package. In essence, this aspect has made it one of the readers in the market with the highest storage capacity and this does not go unnoticed among users who value storage capacity.
  • It has the largest eBook store locally and this aspect also endears it to users across Germany.


The TXTr eBook reader is not without its setbacks and some of the most notable ones include the following.

  • Unlike other readers in the market that support different formats, the TXTr eBook reader only supports 5 formats. As such, this means that it misses out on some of the prime formats and this includes PowerPoint compatibility.
  • While the TXTr eBook reader makes up its storage capacity with external storage, it disappoints with internal storage.

These are the only setbacks noted with the TXTr eBook reader. This just goes to enhance the belief that there is no solid setback with the reader that might make someone back down from investing in it. Most users are impressed with the 6 inch display screen which is described as perfectly sized for readers. Users say that this makes it easy to read and enjoy the experience without necessarily suffering from glare issues as is noted with other readers in the market.

New Trend in Germany

What has been described as a new trend has spread rapidly and gained momentum in the market. This is not only locally but at an international level and it is little wonder that the gadget has continued to attract consumers from across the globe. While this is the case, the manufacturer expressed some reservations at some point according to reports released to the media. There are those who claim that the cost of production far outweighed the benefits and this is because the German Company was more interested in software development and not the development and stretching of the TXTr eBook reader.
However, looking at what they managed to do with the reader, one cannot help but wonder whether such views were misguided. The TXTr has been described as a little tradition and while this is the case, some consumers view it as a positive attribute and claim that it delivers great value.

Developments on TXTr eBook Reader

Since it was first introduced in the market, there are several developments noted in the TXTr eBook reader. For starters, the market for this Germany based reader has expanded greatly as more people embrace it globally. This is probably because the new eBook applications are easily found on Samsung App Store. This makes it easy for android users to enjoy TXTr features from any device including Galaxy Tab line. Considering Samsung is seen as one of the leading market leader for devices that are Android based, it is easy to conclude that the eBook has reached a large market. The eReading application is seen as the core of the eBook industry and as such, TXTr has found ways of improving on this and hence, ensuring that users get the most out of it.

Other Attributes

There are other attributes to the TXTr eBook reader that are worth noting. Due to the manner in which it is designed, the e-ink display is readable in bright sunlight and users are able to purchase an assortment of books from the TXTr store which has received a lot of accolades from users.  it offers an open source and thanks to this, it supports third party applications. This is among one of the aspects that sets the TXTr apart and makes it unique from other e-Readers in the market that don’t have this functionality. In this case, TXTr relies on DRM also known as Adobe Digital Rights Management. Consequently, this means that the books found on the TXTr store can be read not only through TXTr applications but others as well such as Macs, PCs, iPhone and other 3rd party eReaders that have Adobe Digital Edition.


Having evaluated the pros and cons of TXTr eBook Reader and compared it to a household name such as Kindle, it is clear to see that TXTr is carving a niche for itself in the market. As it is, many consumers have taken to the gadget simply because of the benefits it delivers. There have been several positive reviews online as well with users claiming that they enjoy the great connection and service delivered by the reader. Once 3rd party developers come in and add on to the already versatile features of TXTr, it is going to be a gadget to reckon with.

The features of TXTr might be a little old fashioned but considering its roots and the fact that it is the first German tablet, consumers will definitely find out that it offers great value.  Thus, though the market is crowded, it will still have its place in the market. For all these reasons anyone who is in Europe and prefers an eBook reader that is homemade should try TXTr eBook reader. On the other hand, if you live outside Europe and want to try out something new, there is no harm in checking out the sleek and tiny gadget. This will give you an idea of what Germany technology can deliver and at the same time; give you the opportunity to enjoy a wide selection of eBooks at your own convenience.

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