Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Review

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is as thin and light as the iPad and has been described as one of the sexiest tablets in the market. It boasts of having a 2-megapixel front camera as well as a 3 megapixels back camera, making it one of the best possible investments. On top of this, it is also designed with dual speakers which are powerful. In a nut shell, Samsung Galaxy 10.1 has been described by all as a light, sleek and sexy tab. In essence, it is so close to the iPad something that cannot be said of other Android tablets before it.

samsung galaxy 10.1

When viewed on the perspective of design, none of the Android 3.0 based tablets has managed to match up to the aesthetic no nonsense design of the iPad 2. There is no question that iPad 2 is what can be defined as a minimalist design and though every Honeycomb tablet has struggled to reach this appeal, none has achieved the feat. Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is the first and only Honeycomb tablet that come close because it is just as thin but also lighter.
The question therefore is, what makes Samsung Galaxy an appealing choice and why should you buy it and not any other tablet? The answers to this question are found in the rest of this Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Galaxy review. With this information, you will be better placed to determine whether the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is the best buy for your needs.

Design and Features

samsung galaxy 10.1 body

Whenever you take the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 out of its book, the first thing that strikes you is the slim profile. When you lay it side by side with the iPad, you cannot actually tell which of the two tablets is thicker. In terms if weight, the Galaxy 10.1 weighs some 1.24 pounds while the iPad 2 weighs 1.32 pounds. Another aspect worth noting is Samsung’s design. It has the cleanest design one has ever seen even when compared to the iPad. As a matter of fact, it is the best ever seen in a tablet.

It comes with a screen that is 10.1 inches and this is surrounded by a black bezel that is 0.08 inches and a silver outline on the edge that is designed from aluminum. At the top, you find the front facing camera sitting pretty.  On the left to the right of the tabs edge you also find a sleep/power button, headphone jack and a volume rocker. The right and left side of the tab is adorned with a speaker as well as a connection port that is universal. This model however does not have any HDMI or USB ports nor does it have any SIM cards or SD cards. Though this is the case, it is expected that some improvements will be made to make finding these ports easier.

The back of the tab is white in color and you find another 3 megapixel camera. As far as the design of this tab is concerned, the only disappointing aspect is the plastic back. It is this aspect that makes the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 fail where the iPad succeeds. This is because it does not have a solid feel and as such, only feel uncomfortable in the hand. People would expect that it would feel heavy because of the 10.1 screen but this is far from the case because it does not feel the least bulky.

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is definitely a Google tablet Experience and this means that it uses a Honeycomb 3.1 base version that does not have any customizations to the interface. Though this is the case, it also has some Samsung Apps, app, Um and its own application store something that makes it unique and popular among users.   


With the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 you can rest assured of getting crisp and clear images and this is thanks to the 1.280 by 800 pixel resolution. This makes it easy for users to enjoy surfing the web and browsing the apps store. Though the internals of the gadget remain the same as that of the limited Edition it has a couple of new things that make it efficient in terms of performance. In this regard, it is quicker and it also makes transitions at a much faster pace and the transitions are also fast. Though this is the case, when a test run is carried out, Galaxy 10.1 disappoints if only slightly. When a test is run on the Quadrant benchmark, it does not go past 1,540. 

The brightness display and Wi-Fi are also amazing features standing at 65%. In terms of performance, it comes in 2nd to the iPad but this is seen as a major plus because other Android tablets have not managed to reach this mark. The battery life is also remarkable and this is seen as another plus. If the brightness of the screen is pushed down slightly, it can also increase the number of hours it lasts.

Are you wondering about the video playback and audio? The performance of Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is what you would expect. The audio is above par and the music can be streamed with great ease. While it is not up there, it is certainly among the best and users are not forced to experience any strain whatsoever. In actual sense, it can be used to playback different types of files such as H.264, MPEG4, Flash and DivX. These are played back exceptionally well and what is more, even 720p content does not experience any strain whatsoever. However, it is advisable to keep in mind that it cannot support all files and as such, one needs to be realistic when using it.


This is definitely what sets the difference between the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and its predecessor. Samsung 10.1 comes with some widgets which can be easily resized whether horizontally or vertically. It also makes it possible to access the Android Market Movies section. Because of these aspects, the overall performance of Tab has been significantly improved and what is more, it also offers support for USB accessories. However, the Movies department can only be accessed by Android 3.1 tabs that have 3G radios.

Despite this fact, it cannot be disputed that performance improvements are easily notable though they are subtle. Considering the benefits delivered by the tab, it would be inappropriate to complain about the speed. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that it measures up to the standards setup by other well standing tabs in the market. The resizing widgets work well and consumers should expect to see more apps added to the tab in order to increase its appeal. At a glance, it is possible for users of this tab to get the information they want and it is this aspect that further endears the tab to consumers.

If you look at the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 in terms of software, it is safe to conclude that it still holds the same position as when Honeycomb first embarked on the project. This means that they still have a lot to prove and the developers should work on making the necessary improvements in order to further increase the appeal of the tab.


As far as the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 camera goes, there is no shocker here. It is what customers expected and more. The camera is pretty impressive considering that it comes with the front and back camera. The quality is superb and what is more, there is so much to take advantage of. For instance the 3 megapixel and the LED flash are strategically positioned on the top part of the slab and this makes it one of the best shooters currently available in the market. The lens is powerful enough to take some decent shots. The only setback is the auto-focus which seems to be a little slow compared to its competitors.

In addition to this, it does not have any zoom capabilities and this is also seen as a disadvantage. The front facing camera is not as great however and this is because it does not deliver sharp images. They are grainer when compared to those taken using iPad 2. Samsung has however tweaked some of the camera controls software and exposed some of the settings for the user’s convenience. These include the resolution and balance and more importantly, it is possible to apply some varying scene modes when shooting.


When you look at the interface of Samsung Galaxy 10.1, one thing stands out clearly, it is the same as that of other Android 3.o tabs. It has a Home button found on the lower lefty of the screen and app icons are at the center of the models screen while the settings and alerts are found in the left lower side.

This is however seen as an adjustment to people who are used to pull down menus which are popular with most Android smartphones currently available in the market. The best thing about the interface of this model is the fact that it delivers an intuitive control compared to other models and in more ways than one, manages to surpass iPad 2. Additionally, most of the adjustments on this model are seen as radical improvements and they have come in handy. For instance, it is now possible to get a widget from the home screen and resize it with ease.  On top of this, it also comes with a pop up menu located on the lower left and it shows all the apps open at any given time. Thanks to these, scrolling down and up has become easier and what is more it is possible to select the widget one wants and this proves to be very helpful to users. More importantly, the additions made on the device have also increased the score it has over other tabs in the market such as the iPad.


  • It is one of the sleekest tabs in the market.
  • It is light and easily portable.
  • It comes with great battery life.
  • The usability is great
  • The motion sensor works well.
  • It comes with a bright screen.
  • It comes with a greater user interface.
  • The cameras deliver high quality photos.
  • The software is impressive.
  • It has the best performance making it worth your money.


There are a couple of set backs noted with Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and this is in terms of apps.

  • For starters, the tablets apps have not been optimized. Though Google has fixed a couple of issues the platform is still lacking in terms of application selection.
  • It does not have apps that are worth selecting though it seems to have made some slight improvements in this area.


When you overlook at what Samsung Galaxy 10.1 can deliver, it is by far one of the most impressive Honeycomb tablets. Samsung makes moves that most people don’t understand and while this is the case, the decision to release Samsung Galaxy 10.1 was a smart move on their part. This is without the questions the thinnest tab in the market and while this is the case, it does not sacrifice on the battery life or its performance as a result of its slim look. The ultimate question therefore is; is it better than the popular iPad 2? In some ways, it is and this is what has made it possible for it to capture the attention of many users in the market.

This is especially true because the camera is able to capture better shots and it is also lighter to hold. The apps however are still trailing behind other tabs in the market and while this is the case, for anyone looking for an Android tablet that is sleek then the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is the right buy. It is also one of the best standalone tablets that money can buy and to cap it all, it has features that make it one of the best tabs in the market. Anyone who is buying Samsung Galaxy 10.1 will definitely get their money’s worth.

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Lyn Relph
October 22, 2012 - 19:31
Subject: ebook reader

How does the Galaxy handle ebooks? Do you have to have separate apps for Amazon books, Sony books and Barnes & Noble books? How ridiculous is that?

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