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Pocketbook is a company based in Ukraine which manufacturer which produces an eReader range. Pocketbook is one of the biggest eReader manufacturers in the world with its main market focus being Europe. Recently Pocketbook have expanded out into new countries including Russia, the US, Germany and China. Production started late in 2008, and are still being produced today with the main focus being on design and software.

The Pocketbook readers are well known for supporting a wide range of file formats alongside the converters which can convert files to be compatible with the readers. The main features on the Pocketbook line are the screen of 6" or the larger screens which measure 9.7". All of the pocketbook readers incorporate an eInk screen except one which uses an LCD display due to it being color screen.

General Consensus

The Pocketbook range is popular amongst its users however is not that big in the US as of yet as they have only recently been introduced in the country. The range is highly praised on the readers wide variety with readers designed for multiple purposes so that everyone can find the right reader for them.

The touchscreen interface used on the readers has been given positive feedback for its responsiveness and ease of navigation. The readers have also been received well due to their design as they are portable and some also come with a cover so that the reader is protected from any cosmetic damage or damage to the screen.
All of the readers that pocketbook have released can still be purchased from the retailers and also online market places such as eBay and Amazon.

Pocketbook IQ 701

pocketbook iq 701

The Pocketbook IQ 701 features as aluminium frame and a plastic shell making the reader feel well built and solid in the user's hands. The display used on the reader is a TFT LCD screen with a high resolution of 600 x 800 143 dpi. As the screen is colour images can be views on the reader in high quality with clear and vibrant colours as a result of the high resolution.

The Pocketbook IQ 701 is a touch screen user interface making the reader easy to navigate in terms of menu's and page turns. The touch screen is responsive making the pocketbook reader a pleasurable experience for the user.

With built in Wi-Fi the reader can download books straight to the device meaning that the reader does not have to be connected to a computer to add files to the device opening the reader to a whole new group of users who may not have computer access.
The reader is available in a range of colours, blue red and white, giving the user a range of choice which can give the reader a personal touch and brighten up the device.

Pocketbook 360Plus

pocketbook 360 plus

This is one of the newest readers released by pocketbook, being released to the market in May 2011, featuring a range of new features that bring the model more up to date. With a 5" eInk display the Pocketbook 360 reader is easily portable, allowing users to transport the reader around with them as it is compact and fairly lightweight weighing in at only 180g it is one of the lightest readers released by pocketbook.

The eInk display has a range of benefits that make it the perfect display for its purpose. The screen works on contrast rather than a backlight which gives a range of benefits. Firstly the screen only consumes power when a page is refreshed, giving the reader a longer battery life than other screens would allow. Not only this but as the display isn't backlit there is no glare on the screen so the display can easily be viewed in direct sunlight.

The device is available in both black and ivory giving the user a slight choice for personal preference, this can further be altered with coloured cases. The reader also has in-built Wi-Fi meaning that books can be downloaded straight to the device.

With 1.5GB of internal memory accessible to the user there is plenty of room to store an eBook library. In addition to this there is an SD card slot allowing the memory to be expanded up to 32GB, which is more than enough room to be storing eBook files on the device.

Pocketbook 360 Plus Review

Pocketbook Pro 903

pocketbook 903

The Pocketbook Pro 903 is one of the larger readers that pocketbook released with a 9.7" display. This is an eInk display with a touch screen interface. The larger screen is much better to view PDF files on which may be more useful for students or professionals using the reader for textbooks etc.

The device is only available in dark grey unlike some of the other models in the range that give the user a choice in colour. The Pro 903 also has a built in Wi-Fi connection allowing the user to download books straight to the reader without the need to connect the device to a computer.

With 2GB internal memory there is plenty of room for storing eBooks on the reader, there is also a SD card slot so that the memory can be expanded up to 32GB meaning that thousands of eBook files can be stored on the device at all times.

Pocketbook Pro 902

pocketbook 902

The Pocketbook Pro 902 is the predecessor to the Pro 903 and has some similar features to the other reader. The reader also features a larger screen measuring 9.7" with an eInk display giving the user the benefits of a long battery life, clear display and the ability to read even in direct sunlight due to the lack of glare.

The pocketbook is available in both dark grey and white giving the user a slight choice however the dark grey has been hyped as a better colour as it gives a better contrast between the case and the screen, enhancing the display even more.

The device has 2GB built in memory and also has an SD card slot allowing the user to expand the devices memory up to 32GB which is plenty room to store both eBook files and also music files as the Pocketbook Pro 902 supports audio device so that the user can listen to music whilst they or reading.

Pocketbook 603

pocketbook 603

This device has the ability to not only support a Wi-Fi connection but also has Bluetooth and 3G meaning that the reader can access the internet pretty much anywhere. Not only this but the Bluetooth connection allows users to share their libraries with friends and family.

This device uses a touch interface making the reader easy to navigate through menu and also changing pages by a single swipe across the screen. The display is an eInk display giving maximum battery life and also the feel of a real book giving a clear display even in direct sunlight.

The reader is only available in dark silver however covers can be bought for the reader to brighten the device up.

Pocketbook 602

pocketbook 602

This is the predecessor to the 603 model and features a majority of the functions on the 603. With a 6" eInk display the reader is easily transportable and has a high quality screen giving long battery life and the ability to read in direct light.

Unlike the 603 and other models in the pocketbook range the interface on the reader is by button input with a navigational pad on the bottom right of the device which simply has a select button and four way navigation allowing the user to flick through menus and there are also the two page turn buttons on the right hand side allowing the user to change page.

The memory on the device is good with 2GB built in memory and an SD card slot allowing users to expand the storage on the device up to 32GB giving the user enough room to store music files as well as eBook files.

Pocketbook 360

pocketbook 360

The predecessor to the Pocketbook 360 plus, featuring a 5" eInk screen making the reader lightweight and compact making it easy to transport as well as hold for long periods of time. The internal memory on the device is 512MB however only 466MB of this is user accessible. This is enough room to store a couple of hundred books however there is also an SD card slot so that the memory can be expanded up to 32GB which is plenty of room as audio files are not supported on the device so the data will be fairly small files.

There is no wireless connectivity on the device and therefore it must be connected to a computer in order to transfer files on to the reader.

Pocketbook 301 Plus

pocketbook 301 plus

One of the first readers released by Pocketbook the reader is very basic and is specifically designed for the sole use of reading books and viewing PDF files. There is a 6" eInk screen giving the device a fairly strong battery life and the ability to view the reader in direct light as there is no glare on the display.

The reader is available in a range of colours including black, grey, pink or light-green giving the user a variety of choice to personalise their device.

Pocketbook 302

pocketbook 302

The pocketbook 302 is now discontinued and therefore cannot be purchased new however it can be found on some secondhand marketplaces such as eBay.

The main features of the device are the WLAN connectivity alongside Bluetooth connections meaning that the user can share their library with other Pocketbook models that have a Bluetooth function.

Books for the Device

The format support on the Pocketbook is extremely wide and therefore most sites provide books that will be compatible with the Pocketbook models. The supported formats on the Pocketbook range are listed as CHM, DJVU, DOC, DOCX, EPUB, FB2, FB2.ZIP, HTML, PDF, PRC (MobiPocket), RTF, TCR, TXT.

EPUB is the most popular form of eBook and can be found on most sites such as Waterstones and Barnes and Noble. Not only this but as the readers support the MobiPocket format they can also support books that are purchased from the Amazon store. The wide variety of formats means that there are millions of titles available for the Pocketbook readers.

Pocketbook do not actually have their own store for purchasing eBooks however the books from other online e-reader specialists can be supported on the devices, it is important to check the format of purchases against the formats supported on the reader before buying however as some books may only run on readers purchased from the same manufacturers.

There is also software available to convert eBooks to different formats, this software tends to be free and can easily be found on the internet and downloaded to a computer, however if you are not confident with this process it may not be an option as money could be wasted on purchases that you cannot convert.


One of the most popular accessories for the Pocketbook range are cases, these not only protect the reader but as they are available in different styles and colours they also personalise the reader. Pocketbook does not have their own range of accessories however Amazon stocks a good amount of accessories for the Pocketbook readers.

There are also a range of alternate chargers for the Pocketbook range on Amazon which open the reader to charging in places such as a car (cigarette lighters are used as the power source) and also mains chargers as the color reader is the only device in the pocket range which comes with an adaptor that allows the reader to be charged from the mains.

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