Jinke Hanlin e-Book Reader Review

The advent of computer technology has literally changed how people go about their business. If any sector was spared, then it definitely isn’t the education sector. Just when many thought e-learning was the farthest things could go, techies pulled a surprise by introducing e-books. Rather than spend hundreds of dollars buying bulky books that need ample storage space, many people are opting to purchase e-readers. These handheld gadgets offer access to thousands of books from the world’s leading stores as well as newspapers and magazines. The Jinke Hanlin e-book reader is one of the countless popular e-readers currently in stores. Whether or not it is a great buy is what this review will help you uncover.

Jinke Hanlin e-Book Reader

Jinke has earned itself an enviable reputation by providing top notch hand-held gadgets for its wide pool of customers. The Jinke Hanlin V5 e-book reader is the latest addition to its already overflowing e-book reader franchise. It succeeds the V3 in what is seen by many as Jinke’s attempt to penetrate a market that is dominated by the Kindles and Nook readers of this world. But does this gadget have what it takes to survive in this competitive niche? This is a question that you will have answered by the time you are done reading this review. Remember it may not be the best in the market, but it could just be the e-reader that suits you best.


The first things you need to look at before purchasing an e-reader are the specs. This is the only way to be sure you are paying for exactly what you need. In addition, they give you a quick way of comparing any gadget with those already in the market. Below are the Jinke Hanlin e-book reader specs:

  • 5 inch E Ink display (EID)
  • Samsung Arm processor (400 MHz processing speed)
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 512 MB internal Flash Disk, 128 MB Firmware flash in memory
  • 3.5 mm earphone jack
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Languages: English, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, French, Dutch, German, French, Bulgarian, Korean, Japanese, Estonian and Polish.
  • Supported file formats: TXT, PDF, RTF, EPUB, PPT, DOC, CHM, FB2, LIT, WOLF, HTML, MP3, DJVU, TIFF, GIF, JPG, BMP, RAR, PNG, ZIP, MOBI/PRC or PalmDOC.
  • DRM: Adobe content server
  • Weight: 160g including battery
  • Working temperature: 0-40o C
  • Storage temperature: -20-55o C
  • Battery life: 1 month
  • Dimensions: 151mm x 105mm x 10mm (5.9 x 4.1 x 0.4 inches)

For all these features, you will only be required to part with about $ 89.

The Hardware

When buying an e-book reader, and any other electronic gadget for that matter, the hardware components are always important considerations. You need to ensure that the hardware is not only up to date but will be compatible with both current and near future versions on the operating system. In any case, it is the hardware that protects the software within the device. In this section, the different hardware components will be analyzed one at a time so you can compare them with other gadgets. This might also help you to gauge whether the device is worth the price tag attached to it.

  • The Screen

The first hardware component that most users are always concerned about is the screen. This is basically because all tasks performed by the gadget will always involve the screen. When buying an e-reader, you need to ensure the screen is large enough for comfortable reading without having to scroll every two lines. The Jinke Hanlin e-book reader ships with a 5 inch E-Ink display. This is quite a letdown on the part of Jinke especially because many readers within the same range have six or seven inch displays. However, the good side is that this small size enhances portability, making it a nice option for ladies.

Where the Jinke Hanlin e-book reader screen fails in terms of quantity, it makes up with quality. Being an E Ink display, it is extremely legible under all lighting conditions. This means that you can use your Jinke Hanlin e-book reader comfortably for outdoor reading. Unlike LCD displays, this screen is not affected by direct sunlight. The screen also boasts an 800 x 600 resolution, which matches most e-readers within this range. With such a resolution, you can be sure to enjoy crisp quality text and sharp images. This screen also allows you to take advantage of 8 different grayscale levels.

  • Memory

To the modern day users, there is just no term as enough memory. With the large applications that have to be run, at times simultaneously, many buyers are searching for the largest possible RAM their money can buy. This is one thing that will easily downgrade the Jinke Hanlin e-book reader. While other e-book readers feature hundreds of megabytes in random access memory, the V5 comes with a paltry 32 MB in RAM. In as much as this will be more than adequate for an average reader, intense users will be left craving for much more. This is why this device is considered a good choice for low intensity reading.

For storing your documents such as e-books or music files, the Jinke Hanlin e-book reader offers 512 MB of internal memory. This will be enough for storing several hundreds of e-books. However, all hope is not lost for those who desire to store additional stuff. You can always expand this memory by taking advantage of the microSD slot on the gadget. This slot will support microSD cards whose storage capacities do not exceed 16GB. This is also quite a disappointment, with majority of readers allowing up to 32 GB cards to be used. Just in case you are the user who can’t do without hundreds of music and video files on your e-reader, the Jinke Hanlin e-book reader could easily disappoint you.

  • Processor

There is more to supporting huge applications and demanding software than just the internal storage provided by the hard disk. To ensure you never experience lagging, you need to ensure any gadget you purchase comes with a competitive processor. This is perhaps why Jinke decided to include a Samsung Arm9 processor with the V5. This processor boats a processing speed of just about 400 MHz. You can’t help but notice that this speed struggles to half that of competing e-readers. However, the rationale is that there is no need for the average reader to pay through the nose for features they might never take full advantage of.

  • Other components

Aside from the screen, memory and processor, there are quite a number of hardware components you need to check out for. E-book readers are notorious for their often poor built-in speakers. However, for a better text to speech experience and more audible music listening, the Jinke Hanlin e-book reader features a 3.5 mm stereo audio jack. You can either connect the provided pair of earphones or use any other 3.5 mm headphones. The device also ships with a USB 2.0 port and cable to enhance connectivity. This will come in handy whenever you will need to exchange files between your e-reader and the PC.


Hardware concerns aside, you also need to be interested on the platform a gadget runs on. The Android platform is without doubt the in thing at the moment, with many users keen to take advantage of the application diversity and customizable widgets. However, Jinke decided to play a little conservative with the V5. This reader simply features what many are used to, a Linux operating system. You will still get to enjoy plenty of leading applications for reading, listening to music, organizing your files and so much more. The best part is that you do not need to worry about getting lost in the quagmire that is today’s menus.

Battery Life

If theirs is one thing that has made e-book readers extremely popular, it could easily be the lengthy battery lives they offer. While tablets and smartphones are struggling to keep charge for just a single day, e-book readers are managing battery lives that extend into weeks. The good news for prospective buyers is that the Jinke Hanlin e-book reader is an extremely low power device. This means that it can go for up to one month on just a single charge. This analysis is based on an average usage of about 300 pages a day reading.

The Good

There are nearly as many e-book readers in the market today as there are e-books. With new e-readers entering the market every year, it is never that easy to make a mark in the market. This is why manufacturers have to do their best to incorporate something the market has not seen, or at least improve on what is being offered currently. The Jinke Hanlin e-book reader comes with a host of advantages that not all readers offer. Here are some of the pros that you will enjoy just in case you decide to purchase this gadget:

  • One of the best inclusions with the Jinke Hanlin e-book reader is a built-in PDF decoder. This features a 5 x zoom for the normal viewing of PDF’s.
  • This e-reader also allows users to manually rotate the screen. However, this feature will only work when you are viewing PDF files.
  • The Jinke Hanlin e-book reader also comes with a built-in text to speech (TTS) system. With this utility, any text can be read by the gadget. All sentences will be read the moment you plug in the earphones.
  • More than majority of e-readers in its price range, this device offers exceptionally fast response. All this is made possible thanks to its 400 MHz strong power processor.
  • The Jinke Hanlin e-book reader also spots faster page turning than many readers.
  • The V5 is more portable than its predecessor, the V3, thanks to the reduction in size and weight. Despite this, it has better body quality.
  • A good bookmark system that previews up to 5 bookmarks.
  • A built-in Right Handed Scroll that is used for turning pages.

Other admirable traits on this gadget include better connectivity with the USB 2.0 port and up-to-date firmware.

The Bad

Like any other gadget in the market, the Jinke Hanlin e-book reader has its own fair share of spoils.  However hard the manufacturer works, it is simply impossible to come up with a flawless device. This is especially when you are trying to make an e-reader that should be as affordable as possible. Here are some of the cons that you will have to put up with in case you choose to buy this device:

  • One of the most irritating things about this device is the Black Flash Screen during page turning, which lasts for about 0.1 - 0.2 seconds. This will need some time to adapt.
  • The body of the SD card slot is not very stable. This means that your card could easily slide out of position while being used.
  • With the V5, the battery is no longer Nokia compatible. When your first battery weakens, you will have to order from the original company.
  • If you were used to free SD cards and a free pouch, you are in for a surprise. All such incentives are no more.
  • The pouch leaves a lot to be desired in terms of appeal as it does not match the brown and black body. The body holder inside the pouch is now made of plastic and not steel.

The Verdict

The Jinke Hanlin e-book reader is definitely no match for the leading readers in the market today, especially those from Kindle and Nook. It leaves a lot to be desired in terms of its processor, memory as well as applications. However, with its E Ink display and portable design, it can make a perfect reading companion for the outdoor reader. In addition, price tags hardly get any fairer than thee $ 89 one attached to this. If you are looking for a portable low intensity reader that won’t cost you a king’s ransom, this could easily be it.

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