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When buying an e-reader the cost is fairly low for the device, however when building up a library it can become fairly expensive buying so many books, there is some free content out there for reading devices and it is worth knowing where good books can be downloaded for the reader at no cost which is what this article intends to help you with.

It is worth checking out some of the major eBook retailers such as Kobo and Barnes and Noble as many of these brands also have a range of free eBooks, normally it is the classics which tend to be in public domain. Barnes and Noble for instance have a whole section on the online store which is dedicated to free eBooks, this is easy to found and is within the categories on the Nook Book store. The range of free eBooks on the Nook store is very generous and includes a range of genres and book styles from different authors which are free for download.

Barnes and Noble also offer the LendMe service which is where the books that are purchased can be leant to friends or family who may have a Nook reader, therefore it is worth checking around online Nook forums and also your close ones who have a reader as it is possible they may have books with the ability to lend them out to you, although you do not get to keep the book it does allow you to read the book for free, a good option for trying a book that may not usually be your regular read.

Many other manufacturers also offer free content such as Kobo, Sony and Amazon. Kobo in particular allow many users to upload their own publications which can normally be downloaded for no cost at all, it's a case of looking through the manufacturers as they tend to have quite a large range and there is normally a section on the site devoted to free content.

Some manufacturers offer special free ebook deals where you can actually get a number of free ebooks when you first purchase an ebook reader device. Note that these sort of promotions are subject to change (so it's worth doing some investigation). Likewise, some of the big ebook distributors (Microsoft, Amazon, Barns & Noble, Sony, Kobo, etc) may sometimes offer free ebooks by well known authors once in a blue moon -- so it's worth keeping an eye on said websites to see what promos pop up.

Fee Ebook Websites

Sony Store

The Sony online store has a section of 100 free eBooks for users to download for use with their reading device, the 100 titles are fairly popular classics and included titles from authors such as Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Charles Dickinson.

The Amazon store has a great range of free eBooks online with some really good classics. It is easy to locate these as there is free book selection on the site, some of the titles within the free eBook collection include Bram Stokers Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice and Oliver Twist.

These are easy to get hold of and it is accessible through the reading devices such as the Kindle, eliminating the need to connect the reader to a computer.

Alongside e-reader manufacturers offering free content to their users there are also sites which are made and completely devoted to free eBooks.

Baen Free Library

One of my favourite free book sites for modern science fiction and fantasy books. The Baen Free Library is a site that is specifically devoted to supplying free content under the science fiction and fantasy genre, the site has over 100 titles within this genre and therefore is perfect for Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans. New books are regularly added to the site and all the novels that are released on the site are agreed with the authors.

What's really cool about this site is that many of the books you can get are still copyrighted and you can find the same books in your local bookstore. There are quite a few books given for free by well known sci-fi/fantasy authors that Baen publishes.

The formats of their content is fairly varied with Ebookwise/Rocket, Mobi/Palm/Kindle, Adobe/Stanza/, Microsoft reader, Sony reader, HTML and RTF. As can be seen from the list of formats the content is most likely supported on the readers that are available on the market, yet again if the format you require is not available there is a lot of freeware available on the internet which gives the user the ability to change the format of any file.

The site is very basic and as there is only the one genre it is a case of searching through the site until you find something you consider worth downloading. There are some categories on the site with the main being new books that have been added to the site, allowing users of the site to filter the new books from the content they may have already trawled through.

Project Gutenberg

The first site to be made which focused on free reading content for the public is a site known as Project Gutenberg who offer a vast range of content which can be from fictional books to sheet music. Their site now has around 30,000 titles to choose from so there is no doubt that you will find something worth reading on there. With the inclusion of their sister sites which include books from all over the world there is anything up to 100,000 titles accessible through their website.

This is the GO TO source for classic books not in copyright anymore. Books like Robinson Crusoe, Swiss Family Robinson, Moby Dick, and the like.

What is great about Project Gutenberg is that they offer a range of content; it is not just restricted to eBook documents. The site has several hundred eBooks which can be used on any reader which has the capability for audio playback, which many on the market now do; this is particularly useful as audio books tend to be quite expensive. One of the most interesting areas of the site is the fact that they have a range of sheet music that can be downloaded on to the readers which really does mean that you can use your device completely and eliminate any physical books you may have had to buy.

The sight is not amazingly designed however it is easy to navigate and is fairly user friendly with the content separated into categories and also the search function, making it easy to find books that may be suited to you. The main formats of the books on the site are EPUB, MOBI, Plucker, HTML, Plain Text, QIOO, MP3 and also PDF. This means that a majority of the books you will find on the site will be supported on an e-reading device as these are very popular formats.


The Feedbooks site seems mainly built around supplying free content for the Kindle range and other similar devices that have mobile wireless. The majority of content that they have are original books by new up and coming authors. The reason that feedbooks is such a good site for Kindle users is that the site can be viewed on the Kindle device, saving the user the pain of having to turn on a computer and connect the device if they want to download any free content.

The main formats of the content on the Feedbooks website are EPUB, MOBI, PDF and custom PDF. This is a good range of formats and most readers will support these file types. There is also software on the internet t so that if you do find a book that you really want that is not in the right format to be supported on your reader, you can easily download the file and then convert it so that it is compatible with your device.

The overall design of the site is new and modern and is fairly pleasant to browse around, with the content split into categories and also the option to search the site for any particular authors, genres or titles, there should be no trouble in finding what you are looking for.

Yet again this is another site devoted purely to providing users with free content for their reading devices, there is a vast library on the manybook's site and it is regularly recommended on forums by users or critics as a great website to find good quality content.

The site currently has over 25,000 books for download and these date back to 2004 when the site was launched. Not only does manybooks provide eBook files there is also a large selection of audio books available to users with over 1200 available for download. The distinct feature of manybooks compared to any other free eBook content site is that there is the facility to write reviews on the books which anyone can contribute too. This is handy as with a lot of free content there can be a lot of publications which are not very good, therefore the review feature helps you filter the good from the bad and use the site to its best capability.

As with many free content sites manybooks is a very basic website, the site may not ne aesthetically pleasing however it is clear and easy to navigate with the content being split up into authors, categories, language or titles making it very easy to find anything in particular that you may be looking for. The site can also be viewed on a range of e-reading devices so long as they have a built-in web browser making the content easily accessible as it can be downloaded straight to the device.

This is another long running site that has devoted itself to providing free content to e-reader users, the site was first launched in 2000 and has been up and running ever since. The content comes from authors that publish their own content to the site. One of the unique features of the site is that they offer free trade magazine subscriptions, there are some conditions to this however they are ultimately easy to get your hands on.

The formats on the site are MOBI or PDF; therefore if your device supports the EPUB format such as the Nook Simple Touch, then you will need to download software in order to convert the format of the file. Calibre is a reputable freeware that can easily be obtained through the internet which allows the user to convert files meaning that EPUB readers can gain access to the content on this site.

A nice feature of this site is that they allow any author on the web to submit their own work which is a great way for unpublished writers to get there stuff out there, it may not be anyway near getting published but it is getting a foot in the door. There is a small fee for this privilege however it is definitely worth considering if you are a writer trying to get your name known.

The layout of the sites is slightly better than some of the other free content sites however it is still fairly basic, it is simple to use though and the user can easily navigate around the site and easily find titles by looking through the categories on the sight or simply searching for any specific keywords.

MobiPocket Free Books

As can be gathered from the name of the site, MobiPocket specialises in free content in the MOBI format, therefore this site is particularly useful for Kindle owners as the main format on the Kindle is the MOBI format. They have been around for quite a while and the site now has a library of 11,000 titles meaning that there is a lot of content for users to choose from.

One of the great features of the MobiPocket site is that they have a wide range of titles available in a variety of languages meaning that the sight can be used by a range of people from various countries. There are a range of paid for eBooks also available on the site and they also provide an eBook creation software so that users can easily write up their own eBooks which can be published on a variety of sites or simply kept for their own enjoyment.

The Internet Public Library

This site is a public service site supported by a university in Michigan (University of Michigan School of Information) , this site is mainly used for educational pieces as the content mainly comes from universities etc., therefore is particularly useful for users who may be students.

This site has been up and running since 2003 and specializes in providing its users with free eBooks based around the subjects of mathematics and also computer science. There is also a range of books available on this site that are based around computer programming, engineering, physics and business. The books on this site tend to have an educational purpose and are very useful for university students

The main formats for content available on this site is either PDF or HTML, these are normally supported on most e-readers and therefore it is likely that the content on here will be compatible with you reader.

This site is similar to the previous site discussed and shares the same sort of content on the site to the public, this site includes a range of links to other sites and therefore there is a large range of formats available on the site and therefore it is most likely that you will be able to find some content on the site for your device.

The site is fairly basic however the amount of links all over the place can be fairly confusing therefore it is better to use this site when on a computer as the larger screen will make it much easier to navigate around the site.

**More Free Ebook Links to Come in the Future**

If you know of any more sites (legal please) to download free ebooks, share them in the comment section:

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