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Apple are a California based technology company that specialise in computers and MP3 players and have recently bought out the tablet to the market which they have called iPad, in fitting with the rest of their branding. The second edition of this tablet has recently been bought to market.

The main features of the Apple that make the products different to any others is the inclusion of their own developed software, this is known as Mac OS however in the previous weeks they announced the launch of the updated version which has been called Lion.

Apple are known for creating high quality luxury products which are used by professionals all over the world. Not only this but the design on the Apple products is always sleek, modern and sophisticated and the iPad fits into this reputation. Not only this but the fact that there is a range of Apple MacBook’s on the market means there is the possibility of having a whole range of devices that will complement the tablet.


General Consensus

The iPad has been received extremely well by the public. With Apple already being a very popular company the iPad was massively hyped and also lived up to its expectations set for it by the general public. Apple are always considered top of the market, with their iPod range pretty much taking over the personal music player market within months of its release.

The iPad release has had a similar effect and Apple are clearly the brand leader in this market with other large manufacturers such as RIM releasing tablets imminently after the release date of the iPad.

There have been very few complaints on the iPad and problems that arise always seem to be through fault of the users rather than the device itself. With the Apple Genius bars accessible in most countries it is not hard to get a device looked at, and the Apple warranty means that any repairs that are manufacturers fault will be repaired free of charge, if they can’t be repaired then the device is replaced with a new up to date one, so customer service is an advantage of buying an Apple product.

The only issue that has been raised about the iPad is the price of them as being a premium brand and also being brand new products with new technology the devices are fairly high price, although the other tablets on the market do not tend to be much different and therefore the price seems to be justified.

iPad 2

ipad 2

The iPad 2 is the second generation of the iPad and was released on the 11th of March 2011; a little more than a year after the first generation was released. The screen size on the iPad is 9.7 inches (25 cm) with a multi-touch display at a resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels with LED backlighting. The screen on the iPad is the most responsive touch screen out there, and this is mainly due to the fact that Apple have had so much experience with the touch interface. The display is bright and easily handles a wide range of color giving the user a good quality vibrant display. The screen is covered in a fingerprint and scratch-resistant coating due to the device being touch interface the screen will receive a lot of wear.

The processor in the iPad 2 is one of the upgrades that Apple made to the original device, with the second generation featuring a 1 GHz (dynamically clocked) dual-core Apple A5 system on a chip. This processor is one of the strongest processors seen to be used in a tablet and is amongst Apple’s newest software. This allows the tablet to run a range of functions on the device at the same time without having to worry about the reader’s ability to cope with it.

The reader can be purchased in three different versions, the only difference being the amount of storage on the device as the iPad devices do not have expandable memory, therefore once the reader is full that is it, or content will have to be deleted to make way for new data. The options are 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, the larger storage costs extra so it depends on how much data the user feels that they are going to store on the device.

The iPad has built in Wi-Fi on all of the devices however the option can be made to buy the 3G version which is normally sold on a data plan (Apple do not provide free Wi-Fi) with a local network, many providers offer this, usually decreasing the price of the reader significantly and working like a regular phone contract. This is an advantage for people who cannot afford the initial price of a contract but does mean that the user is tied into a contract. It depends on how important 3G is to the user as to if it is worth paying the extra cost or taking out a contract.

The iPad 2 is lighter than its predecessor however weighing around 600g the device is still very heavy which can make it a pain to transport which may be a problem for some users who are carrying the device daily.

Unlike its predecessor, the iPad 2 features a camera on the front and the back of the device, allowing the user to make ‘face time’ calls, a free service which is video calling however this can only be done between Apple products such as the iPhone and the iPad. The camera on the back is more powerful however both cameras front and back, have the ability to record video and to also take photographs. The back camera also has a 5x zoom function.

iPad (first gen)

ipad 1

The original iPad features the same display that is seen in its predecessor, 9.7 inches (25 cm) multi-touch display at a resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels with LED backlighting, allowing a fully touch screen interface with a virtual on screen keyboard making it easy to search through files and browse the web. The screen is also coated with a fingerprint and scratch-resistant coating to prevent damage to the screen due to frequent use and wear on the screen.

The OS on the Apple iPad allows the device to run a range of apps which can be purchased from the Apple store. Applications bought out from e-reading companies such as The Kobo and the Nook mean that the iPad can be used as a reading device however if the user is reading on the screen for a long period of time then there can be a lot of strain on the eyes due to the fact that the screen is backlit. Not only this but it is difficult to see the display in strong light as there is a glare on the screen and the display starts to look dull.

The processor on the first generation of the iPad is not as powerful featuring a 256 MB DDR RAM built into Apple A4 package, this processor is still extremely fast however and handles all of the features that are included on the device well, along with the running of applications. There is no fear of the device running very slow or crashing due to the strength of the processor.

The iPad features built-in Wi-Fi on all devices along with the choice to buy a 3G model which can support 3G network, this is to be paid for however as Apple do not offer free Wi-Fi as some brands such as Amazon do. The speed of Wi-Fi is rapid and matches the speed that would be found on a computer making the browsing experience on the reader very pleasurable.

Due to the iTunes store also being pre-installed on the device it is very easy to download music, applications, audio books, movies and eBooks on to the device, strengthening the iPad’s purpose as a multi-media tablet.

The Apple iPad first generation is much heavier than the second version weighing around 700g with the different versions being slightly heavier or lighter. This is one of the big problems with the iPad as it really limits the portability of the device, which tends to be an important feature on tablets as they are designed to be portable computers.

There are other aspects of the iPad such as the accelerometer, automatically changing the display to landscape or portrait depending on the orientation of the device. There is also the option of price and storage, with the 16GB device being the cheapest, with price increasing as the memory is larger; the other options are 32GB and 64GB.

Applications and Content for the Device

The iPad comes pre-installed with a range of popular applications; these are Safari, the web browser which allows users to browse the web. The one downside of Safari is that it cannot support flash however other browsing applications can be purchased from the iTunes store. The other apps include YouTube, AppStore, Mail, Photos, Video, iPod, iTunes, App Store, iBooks, Maps, Notes, Calendar and contacts.

The iBooks app is a good piece of software, one of the nice features that the books are kept on shelves as would happen in real life which is a nice visual way to view the library. There are many options within the app in terms of how the books are displayed when being read, font size and typeface. The only problem with reading books on the iPad is that the backlit display can cause strain on the eyes.

Due to the iTunes app and also the App store being installed on the device it is extremely easy to download any media to the device. The user will have to create an Apple ID which will hold all of the customers details for billing therefore you can keep your ID logged on and easily download apps without having to type in your details every time. The process is completed by simply searching a product and clicking buy, this then automatically downloads the product to the device and installs it for you.

One thing that people tend to do a lot with the iPad device is to ‘Jailbreak’ the device. This is done due to the fact that Apple only allow products that are bought from the app store to be download on the device. In terms of music, you can import whatever library is on your computer by using iTunes however the apps are limited to Apple products only. There are many tutorials on the internet to Jailbreak the devices by Apple however I do not recommend it as it validates the warranty. Therefore if something goes wrong with the device Apple will not fix it.


There are many accessories available for the iPad, most easily found in online stores such as Amazon and eBay. Apple also has their own range of accessories however these can be very expensive for what they are. The best site I have found for iPad accessories is called the iPad hut, which can easily be found by searching on Google.

The range of accessories is endless with the iPad hut providing docking stands for charging when the device is not in use, cases to protect the device from damage and to also add a touch of personalization, screen protectors, from plain to mirrored, speakers for the iPad which can also be used as docking stations to charge the device, stylus pens to stop smudging or fingerprints on the screen. There are also adaptors which allow the iPad to be charged through many outputs.

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