Star Ebook Reader

With the ever-changing innovations occurring in the field of technology, now it is possible to carry your favorite books in your pocket by uploading them in an ebook reader.

With the presence of several e-book readers manufacturer, now you have innumerable options to choose from. Again, buying these devices is quite easy, as they are available at most several online stores or the official websites of the manufacturers of these e-book readers.

One of the new ebook readers that are available in the market is the STAReBook STK-101 manufactured by eRead.

This reader was released in the year 2007 and supports ebooks either of the Chinese language and the English language. This ebook reader is a Chinese manufactured device and has several attractive features. This reader supports files that are of formats STK and MP3.

STAReBook STK-101 uses screen technology by E Ink and has a display screen of 90 millimeter by 120 millimeter. As it supports MP3 files, the reader can also be used as a media player.

For its power, it uses a Lithium ion battery and is very light at 176 grams. Linux is the operating system that is used by STAReBook STK-101. It has a memory of 64 MB RAM. Again with additional interfaces like headphones, speakers and a USB 2.0 interface, you are surely going to have fascination for the device.

STAReBook STK-101 also uses the software eRead editor. This ebook reader is great looking and the battery is capable of withstanding a charge that will enable readers to read around ten thousand pages at one go. The only feature that can be treated as being a disadvantage for this wonderful ebook reader is the absence of a touchscreen.

If you desire to own a good ebook reader with an attractive body and advanced features, you should definitely buy STAReBook STK-101.