Sony PRS 505 Ebook Reader Review (Legacy Review)

Note, this is NOW a legacy device. The newest model is the Sony Wi-Fi Reader, realeased in late 2011.

Among various e-book readers that will be launched in the coming months, people are awaiting the arrival of the Sony Portable Reader, which is offering two different models. Amongst those, Sony PRS-505 is being expected to perform better in the market.

Sony PRS-505 has a screen resolution technology with dimensions as follows: 175 x 122 x 8 mm (6.9 in x 4.8 in x .3 in). It uses the E-Ink Vizplex technology and has been craved for over a long time. Its primary display comprises of (90 x 120 mm) 6 in 8 gray levels, 800 x 600 pixels, 166.7ppi, whereas the secondary display is not present. The touch screen technology has been kept aside for this model too like the company’s other launch, Sony PRS-500.

The full screen refresh rate is simply great as it takes just 1.0 s (0.5 s in 2 gray scales mode). The model is also powered by Li-ion and the battery life is approximately 7′500 pages the same as the other model. It may be a little heavy as it weighs around 250 g (9 oz) without soft cover.

The PRS-505 has a Linux Operating system. Its boot time however is not provided and there is no SDK on its system too. The CPU used in the reader is i.MXL MC9328MXLVP20 (ARM920T core, 200 MHz) along with the memory, which is 64 MB RAM, 2 MB (NOR) + 256 MB (NAND) Flash (210 MB user accessible).

The expansion slot comprises of MMC/SD/SDHC and Memory Stick Pro Duo, and the other interfaces include a headphone and USB 2.0. It uses the e-book library software along with Adobe Digital Editions and is serviced by Sony Connect.

The supported formats in the reader include PDF, BBeB (LRF/LRX), TXT, EPUB, JPG, RTF, GIF, BMP, MP3, PNG and AAC, whereas the DRM formats include Marlin DRM (BBeB) and Adobe ADEPT (EPUB/PDF).

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