Irex Ebook Reader

Numerous e-book readers have come out in the market, each having their own unique features. The iRex iLiad from the iRex Technologies is one such device. The model ER-0100 / Book Edition has a screen resolution technology with dimensions 216 x 155 x 16 mm (8.5 in x 6.1 in x .6 in).

iRex ER-0100 makes use of the E-Ink technology, which has been a revolution to this field. The primary display comprises of (122 x 163mm) 8.1in 1024 x 768 pixels, 16 gray level and 158 ppi, whereas the secondary display is not present. The touch screen technology has been put in this model in the form of WaCom Pen.

The full screen refresh rate is average, as it takes 0.95 s. The model is also powered by Li-ion 1100mAh (2-cells), whereas the second edition is approximately 20% larger and the battery life is claimed to be 15 hours with large batteries. It by far the heaviest as it weighs 388 g (13.7 oz).

The operating system of iRex ER-0100 is standard Linux with a boot time of 44 s and the SDK is present and several Linux applications are ported in it. The CPU used is Intel X-Scale 400 MHz along with the memory which is 64 MB Ram and 128 MB free Flash.

The expansion slot comprises of CF Type II, MMC and USB Memory, and the other interfaces include a headphone, USB 1.1, WiFi 802.11b and also 10/100 LAN. It uses software like iLiad Companion Software & Mobipocket Java Reader; for Linux the FBReader and also Gargoyle, and it is serviced by iRex Technologies Delivery Service (iDS). The supported formats of the reader include HTML, PDF, JPG, TXT, PNG, BMP, DJVU and PRC/MOBI, whereas the DRM format includes MobiPocket.

Search functionality, Dictionary lookup, Note taking, highlighting or underlining can be done with the help of touchscreen technology. This set is technology incorporated and a must have for everyone.