Hanlin Ebook Reader

The manufacturers at Jinke electronics do not seem to like the idea of falling behind. They have launched the HanLin e-Book in competition to the Sony models. The screen resolution of the model V3 has technology with dimensions such as 184 x 120.5 x 9.9mm.

The E-Ink Vizplex technology is available with it and would be sought after for long. The primary display comprises of (90 x 120mm) 6in, 4 gray levels, 800 x 600 pixels, 166.7ppi, whereas the secondary display is not available. The touch screen technology is not present for this model like many others that are coming out.

The full screen refresh rate is alright as it takes 0.9s. The model is also powered by Li-ion 950 mAh and the battery life is approximately 9′000 pages, which is quite high. However, the model is on the heavier side, as it weighs around 200g.

The operating system in the reader is standard Linux. The boot time of HanLin V3 is 18 s and there is SDK on this system. The CPU used is Samsung Arm 9 200MHz, coming with the memory of 512 MB, Internal 2 M NOR Flash and 512 MB SD Card included.

The expansion slot is filled with SD/MMC and the other interfaces include a headphone and USB 1.1. It uses the WOLF Maker and WOLF Printer software and is serviced by iStation or ReadMan. The supported formats include RTF, PDF, HTML, DOC, FB2 (XML), TXT, WOLF, CHM, ZIP, RAR, MP3, JPG, DJVU and few others, whereas the DRM formats include Wolf and MobiPocket.

This set released in the third quarter of 2007 and was priced at US $299. This company has been there in the market since the year 2000 and is looking forward to improvise every next model and build up the competition.