EB-900 Ebook Reader

There are innumerable electronic devices available in the market today, which are making the life of an individual in the modern world more comfortable than it ever was. One such device, which has been manufactured for simplifying your life, is an e-book reader.

E-book reader allows you read books while you are one the move. There are several ebook readers available in the international market. However, products from Astak Mentor/LiteBook hold a high position amongst all consumers.

EB-900, a new model from Astak Mentor, is another ebook reader that is expected to get released in the market in the next year.

EB-900 will be using a lithium ion battery that is expected to provide it with a backup charge for reading up to a maximum of 5000 pages on a single charge. It will be using the E Ink screen technology and is expected to be using the Windows CE as the operating system.

EB-900 is expected to have some great features like an alarm that will help in detecting in case the charge becomes low. It also supports a large number of file systems making it a wise investment.

With the brand name of Astak Mentor supporting it, consumers are having no problems in having faith in the product. The great thing about the model is that the display has a touchscreen, which helps them in controlling the different menus onscreen. This facility makes it a great ebook reader to invest in.

EB-900 is expected to be priced quite high like because of its great features. As the reader supports MP3 files, it can double up as a MP3 player too. It is also provided with some exemplary features like bluetooth that makes it quite different from other ebook readers.

Even though the launch of EB-900 is a year away, its makers and e-book reader fans are having high expectation from the same.