Cybook Ebook Reader

Most individuals across the globe like to read books, but have little fascination of carrying them while going from one place to another. In such a scenario, you can find several individuals, who are unable to read their favored book, which they would have loved to.

Now with the help of ebook readers, you have the power of carrying your favorite book in soft format. These e-book readers are a new age invention that has given everyone the convenience of going across all the best contents from around the world without worrying about where to keep them in the future.

Bookeen, one of the leaders in e-book readers maker, released their latest ebook reader called the Cybook Gen3 in the last quarter of 2007. It is the lightest of all the current ebook readers available in the market that uses the E Ink screen technology.

Cybook Gen3 uses a lithium polymer battery for its power purposes and it just weighs 174 grams inclusive of the battery. The reader is able to support the ebooks of English and French languages and has a storage memory capacity of 64 MB. This reader by Bookeen uses Linux as its operating system.

There are some outstanding features that are associated with the Cybook Gen3. It can be read by the readers in two modes according to their desire, the landscape mode or the portrait mode.

A large number of file types are supported by Cybook Gen3. It can be used to view images and listen to music as well. The users also can have the privilege of looking up the meaning of difficult words in the dictionary that is provided along with this reader.

It is a completely user friendly ebook reader and enjoying a huge popularity in the international market within a short time of its arrival.