Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

The e-book readers are taking the world over, as if they are the most craved objects. Amazon Kindle manufactured by Hon Hai Precision Industries is similar to this. Its model D00111 has a screen resolution technology with dimensions of 190 x 134 x 18 mm (7.5 in x 4.9 in x .7 in).

Amazon Kindle-D00111 uses the E-Ink Vizplex technology and has been wanted by many customers. The primary display comprises of (90120mm) 6 in 800600 pixels, 4 gray levels, 166.7 ppi, whereas the secondary display is a vertical cursor bar. The touch screen technology is through or in the form of keyboard.

The full screen refresh rate has not been mentioned, but does not seem to be of any headache as it functions smoothly enough. The model is powered by Li-ion 1530mAh and the battery life is approximately one day, if there is EVDO whereas without it a week or more. It may be a little heavy in comparison to conventional model, as it weighs 289g (10.2oz).

The operating system for Amazon Kindle-D00111 is Linux 2.6.10. Its boot time however is not provided and there is no SDK on this system. The CPU in the system used is Intel PXA250 400 MHz along with the memory, which is 256MB Flash (180MB user accessible).

The expansion slot in Amazon Kindle-D00111 comprises of SD. Its other interfaces include a headphone, USB 2.0 and EVDO/CDMA. The software used is uncertain and is serviced with Amazon Kindle Whispernet and also E-mail conversion of HTML, DOC, GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG and PDF. The supported formats include Topaz (.tpz/.azw1), AZW, TXT, PRC/MOBI (non DRM), AA and MP3, whereas the DRM format includes AZW (Kindle only).

Search functionality, Dictionary lookup, Note taking, highlighting and underlining can be done through the keyboard of this reader.

With a technically advanced set and excellent appearance, you have a complete package at your service.

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