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ASUS are a computer technology company that mainly specialises in the manufacturing of computers however they have recently tried their hand in the e-reading market by releasing a range of tablets designed to be used as readers. Interestingly the name ASUS is taken from the word Pegasus meaning art and learning. The reader is different from others on the market as it is a tablet rather than an e-reader.

ASUS Eee Pad's are a line of tablet PC's that can double over as an ebook reader (the screen is not Digital e-ink, however).

General Consensus

As ASUS are not a large part of the e-reading market there has not been much response from the market however there have been some user reviews of the product and what it does. In many respects users are calling the Eee Pad device a tablet rather than an e-reader, which it is, therefore users who are looking for a device simply to read books on, the Transformer isn't for you.

The ASUS Transformer

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